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Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Our lawns are more than just decorative landscape, they provide a few great benefits to us other than a soft place to throw or kick a ball around. Our yards also act as giant dust traps and air filters that keep the area around your home a cool, clean, and enjoyable place to be. Here are few tips on maintaining those emerald islands around your house this summer.

Watering- To keep your grass healthy, be sure to water it in the early morning when the air temp is cooler and the wind has died down. This will make the water your using go further and prevent mushrooms and fungus from growing. Watering less often for a longer period of time will also keep valuable nutrients from leeching away and it will condition the grass to grow deeper, stronger roots so your yard is more resilient.  

Fertilizing- Everybody’s lawn is different but we can agree that a well fed lawn is a happy lawn. Fertilizing between the months of April and November will yield a healthier lawn that looks as good in the summer as it does in the winter.    

Weeds- Weeds are the bane of every home owner and each and every spring they always seem to pop up. A couple quick tips to keep you sane this summer:

  •  Resist pulling them- Use a reputable weed control chemical to ensure the weed is dead from the root upward.  
  •  Deep watering and cutting the grass higher will encourage thicker grass that chokes out weeds and prevents the seeds from germinating. 

We hope you are having a great summer and if you have any lawn care questions please feel free to give Bright Star Property Services a call for any of your landscaping and lawn care needs.  

Posted by brightstaradmin at 6/1/2016 10:56:00 AM
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